Dream Catcher – new live casino game that you can play online

Recently, fans of live casino games can also play the recently popular game of Evolution – Dream Catcher.

What do you need to know about the Dream Catcher casino game?

In February 2017, Evolution introduced to online players for the first time its unique and compatible with your mobile devices Wheel of Fortune (wheel of fortune). Presented by a live dealer, Dream Catcher retains the basic concept of the classic wheel of fortune and introduces elements that are aimed at both slot game lovers and gamblers.

Played on a specially made wheel, Evolution’s Dream Catcher is broadcast live in both HD and normal mode and is shot from several different angles, allowing players to have visual access to different parts of the wheel of fortune.

Although the adaptation of this form of play for online casinos is not entirely new and can be found in the offers of Live Casino by other developers, Evolution Gaming has introduced new elements that make its version quite distinctive. By combining different functions from slot games, bingo and even roulette, Evolution has made Dream Catcher attractive to a much wider audience.

How to play Dream Catcher?

Although Dream Catcher is an integration of various board games, the structure of the game is still quite simple. The Wheel itself has 54 pockets, 52 of which are marked with numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40, which appear at different frequencies, while the other two fields are multipliers x2 and x7. The betting session is initiated when the player places the bet on the desired segment – this can be done either manually or via the AutoPlay option. Betting time is limited and players can start betting as soon as the section above the Virtual Board with betting options turns green; once the betting time is over, the bar will turn yellow and show the result of the spin.

All payout values ​​correspond to the actual number in the pocket – number 5 will increase the payout by 5, while the multipliers increase the payout by multiplying the value to the basic payout amount. For example, when the wheel stops at the multiplier, bets will remain in the original betting zones and the dealer will turn the wheel once more. The final payout will be multiplied by the multiplier and the number.

During each spin, the dealer will keep the participants engaged through conversations, offering help and announcing the results. For any additional details, the player can also consult the Live Casino Comparer next to the virtual betting table or in the help section in the upper right corner of the screen.

What is the best strategy for Dream Catcher casino game

Dream Catcher may be a game of chance, but keeping in mind the mathematical odds and maintaining your eye balance is still the optimal strategy to use before each new spin. Because the numbers are divided into segments, choosing the numbers with the highest frequency would be the safest bet, although the payout ratio is significantly lower.

Therefore, betting on fields 1, 2 and 5 and accumulating smaller winnings over time is the best possible approach to increase the overall balance and avoid excessive risks that can throw you out of the game. Since fields 1, 2 and 5 have 23, 15 and 7 pockets, respectively, the probability of winning the bet is much higher than in fields 10 and 20, which occupy only 4 or 2 pockets. The highest gain is generated by field 40, which in turn offers the lowest probability, as this is the only pocket with this particular number. However, if you can’t resist the urge to risk a high payout, bets in this area should be postponed to the final stages of the game, when the balance increases with smaller winnings.

Keeping track of game statistics can’t hurt, as can using some of the most popular methods of betting on positive progressions, such as increasing the amount of the bet after a winning spin. Taking all these factors into account may not contribute to the gameplay experience, but it will ensure the stability of your bank and end the game with a decent profit.

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