How to beat an online casino – the story of a real player in BitStarz

When it comes to playing an online casino, there is always talk that you can only temporarily beat the casino if you are lucky. The important question here is – how long are you able to keep your winning streak? In the last two weeks, a player at BitStarz Casino has managed to beat the casino for two weeks in a row, keeping his payout rate above 100%!

Not only the payout percentage is interesting here, but also the total number that this experienced player has withdrawn is not small. At its peak, it has pulled a total of 125 BTC (over $ 300,000), which is not bad for a week – two job!

And yet how did he win the Online Casino?

If you watch not the professional players of Las Vegas, but also the players who play professionally online, you will notice a pattern in the games they play. Most of them do not choose slot casino games as their choice, they prefer to play at the table when they decide to gamble seriously.

You may want to ask yourself why a player chooses a particular category of games instead of exploring the wide range of games that online casinos can offer. The answer to this question is control and a high payout rate. We’re sure you’re familiar with the different casino games that have different RTP (Return to Player), and when it comes to slot games, it most often varies between 94% – 97%.

However, when you look at table games, you can easily find games that are over 99%, which is quite different from online slots. The problem is that these games require a lot of research in the ability to find the optimal strategy to beat the casino. Slots require only a push of a button, while more complex games like Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette require a little more interaction.

Of course, for the professional player, such a large increase in the payout rate compared to other games makes every minute you spend learning the tactics of these games worth it. So you actually have two paths to take here – either choose to play slots and keep your thumbs up or join the pros at the Casino tables!

So what casino games does this person play?

You’ve known him so far. The player in question explores the fantastic range of live casino games at BitStarz, where four different vendors can be found; AsiaGaming, Evolution, NetEnt Live Casino and Ezugi. He mostly enjoys the popular Baccarat game, which is also the first choice of the popular agent James Bond. We are talking about class and sophistication here.

The payout rate (RTP) in regular Baccarat is about 99%, which leaves the online casino with very little advantage over you as a player, and that’s why so many elite players choose this particular game when they decide to play online. With the right strategy for choosing the right options at the right time, you are able to exceed the theoretical payout of the game.

There are many online guides to Baccarat’s strategy, and some include the use of specific betting patterns or card counting techniques to give you an edge over the casino. To get the best chance to fight, it is important to gather as much information as possible about all of them and combine everything you know with your own plan. You can of course train with the demo games we offer on Beaver Slots like this Mini Baccarat from Play’n Go >

And yet, this is how we beat the online casino

To summarize, it all comes down to choosing the right betting option at the right time and at the same time knowing when to bet big money. Some players choose to count the cards, which means that they keep track of which cards have already been drawn and use this knowledge to predict the probability of a card appearing on the table.

This is quite a difficult task if it is easy, all players in the casino would win, but no. However, there is a chance, if you play your cards correctly, something that this BitStarz player has certainly done. So do your research, get ready, and free the casino from a little extra money!

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