Lucky winner at Bitstarz Casino with a 24,000X jackpot from Almighty Ramses II slot

For those of you who are relatively new to online casino games let’s explain – BitStarz Casino, this is the home of the great winners. We have witnessed several big winnings worth more than a million dollars since Bitstarz opened its doors in 2014.

Joining the legendary Hall of Fame of the big winner at BitStarz, an amazing player hit the jackpot of EGT slot game – Almighty Ramses II, to take home the crazy profit worth 449,468 rubles(€ 4 955,83), which was won on a value multiplier 24 973x – WOW.

If you have never been to Egypt or learned anything about Egypt, then there is a good chance that you will not know who Ramses II was and how revered he was. Ramses II, better known as Ramses the Great, was the most famous and powerful pharaoh who ruled the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. This was a man you really didn’t want to upset, because he had the power to crush you and your army.
The reason he is so famous is that he was incredibly generous. He took very good care of his people, built cities, temples, and conquered miles and miles of land for his people. As part of his generosity, Ramses apparently distributed a ton of money, and this trait of his still works today, helping players make a lot of money from games using his name.

After activating the jackpot feature, the lucky winner managed to hit three ladies’ hearts card, paying the second largest jackpot that 40 Almighty Ramses II can offer. The player only had to draw five cards before completing this jackpot victory, which is a record in itself. Two dancing promo girls, standing on the side of the area, reveal the cards quite well, certainly encouraging this lucky person to have fun at night.

There is no better feeling than winning, especially when it comes to landing a jackpot. The Beaver Slots team would like to once again congratulate this amazing player for taking this huge jackpot win.

For the rest of you, remember that the reels are still on and the multipliers of most of the games here at BitStarz are just out of this world. We’ve seen a lot of huge multipliers in the last few days, so we hope you’ll make a big win soon …

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