PokerStars Casino Millionaires – all The Lucky winners of the PokerStars Jackpot Slots

Becoming a millionaire with one click sounds like a dream, but many players in Europe have already won the jackpot at PokerStars Casino and know that dreams can come true. From January 2017, Pokerstars offers jackpot games in which Bulgarian gambling fans can also take part.

Casino players around the world have won seven-figure prizes in the exclusive jackpot games at PokerStars Casino – Millionaires Island and Stars Mega Spin. The next winner can be determined soon. And it could be you if you join the Pokerstars casino site and spin the reels of their jackpot games.

Here is a list of current jackpot millionaires at Pokerstars Casino:

Date username Casino Game Jackpot won:
18/03/2020 L**********2 Millionaires Island USD $4,810,982.02
25/02/2019 v*****i Stars Mega Spin Italy €2,331,637.53
12/02/2019 k********7 Genie Jackpots USD $2,025,476.03
04/02/2019 s*******3 Crystal Millions Spain €1,207,498.55
30/09/2018 StatisticPro Mega Fortune USD $4,077,973.42
28/08/2018 Millionaires Island USD $1,933,216.33
28/08/2018 MICHELBG65 Stars Mega Spin Spain €1,009,924.58
22/08/2018 prestao69 Millionaires Island Spain €1,282,242.21
28/07/2018 e*******o Genie Jackpots USD $1,754,209.04
22/06/2018 BETHGE68 Millionaires Island USD $1,313,130.53
20/06/2018 BRAER_71RUS Matchday Millions USD $1,425,373.03
13/06/2018 lohengramm Stars Mega Spin USD $1,679,871.30
19/05/2018 Anchor72 Millionaires Island USD $3,047,961.04
07/03/2018 zafujohn Mega Fortune USD $3,311,469.63
13/02/2018 Zetheriver Genie Jackpots USD $1,608,448.03
30/12/2017 IL62-Night Stars Mega Spin USD $1,409,566.38
26/12/2017 aHare75 Millionaires Island USD $2,510,318.95
10/12/2017 beckskr Arcade Bomb USD $1,879,437.02
04/11/2017 Mazinga113 Millionaires Island Italy €1,517,256.34
27/07/2017 Stefblue3 Millionaires Island USD $1,348,812.57
26/07/2017 bizik1993 Millionaires Island USD $2,439,369.27
24/02/2017 Denis N777 Genie Jackpots USD $1,368,821.28
22/02/2017 pkr_rager Millionaires Island USD $1,410,720.04
26/01/2017 LuisCancelaU Millionaires Island USD $1,517,303.08

More information about the Millionaires Island jackpot slot

Millionaire’s Island, the original PokerStars Casino game, is an exciting game full of bonus features. The reels of Millionaires Island’s progressive jackpot slot with 25 paylines spin in front of a tropical paradise with sun, sea and beach.

Quite by accident, you can activate the free spin feature and get between three and seven free spins. There are other great bonuses and mini-games, such as the Big Symbol feature or the Submarine bonus game.

More information about the Stars Mega Spin slot jackpot

The Stars Mega Spin slot game is a combination of classic one-armed bandits and neon-colored casino games of the 21st century. Like Millionaires Island, this slot has a guaranteed progressive jackpot of $ 1,000,000.

Great bonus features like the seven-player bonus round, bonus cards and free spins offer great fun. Like Millionaires’ Island, this slot has a Big Symbol feature and the chance of hitting more wins increases with each 35th spin.

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