Vikings – a new slot game from NetEnt based on the popular TV show

Vikings is the latest slot machine from the leading casino gaming provider NetEnt, based on the hit TV series of the same name. The slot game will be online from today, November 22, 2018 in all online casinos that offer NetEnt slots , and most of them have even changed their offer for new customers offering free spins of the new game.

Plot on a Vikings slot

“The slot is based on the TV series Vikings, a world hit with its premiere in 2013 on the History channel. In the video slot, you can see the popular characters from the series Ragnar Lothbrok (Ragnar Lothbrok) and Lagertha (Lagertha), along with many animations and pictures inspired by the historical drama.

Vikings slot information

Viking players will be able to pull out their solar compasses and head to the brutal and mysterious Dark Ages with the famous Norwegian clan while fighting for their survival.

The Vikings Video Slot with five reels, three lines, and 243 payout options introduces new Hotspot and Shield Wall features, plus Raid Spins and Raid Spins, where the thrill of a player increases as the game expands to seven reels, five lines, and 78,125 profit opportunities.

Viking Slot Game Reviews

“With its epic storytelling and many loyal fans around the world, Vikings is an iconic franchise. It’s the perfect brand for us to grow and introduce exciting slots to players. At NetEnt, we are also huge fans of the Vikings and are pleased with the product we have created, “said Brian Upton, director of NetEnt ‘s product line.

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