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Slot games in online casinos – what’s on offer?

As mentioned, there are many online slot machines. They come in many different types with many different gameplay options. But generally speaking, we can divide online slots into three different categories that we find in most online casinos:

Video Slot Games

They represent the new era of visually-oriented slot machines, which follow a story, use attractive animations and interactive options. In this category, you will find a wide variety of options, such as various features that allow free spins, big prizes, jackpots and progressive jackpots. These are the slots they have been producing lately. Even newer is the trend for modern slots with more sophisticated features such as elements of gamification, which offer serious bonuses and additional games. Video slots also include 3D video slot machines, and many new slot machines in VR (virtual reality) format are currently being developed.

Jackpot Slots – When it comes to slot games with jackpots, they can be divided into two main categories.

Fixed Jackpot Slot Games

These are fixed jackpot slot machines. The fixed jackpot does not increase as revenue from the game in online slots but is usually the biggest prize of the slot game. Although such jackpots can be won much more often, they are less attractive and difficult to compete with progressive jackpots that reach millions.

Slot games with progressive Jackpot slots

These are slot games where a permanent portion of the proceeds goes to the main prize – the progressive jackpot. This means that jackpot winnings will increase with the popularity of the slot machine. These prizes can be significantly higher than fixed jackpots, which is why more and more players are looking for these games. We can mention the most popular jackpot slots such as Mega Fortune , Mega Moolah , Hall of Gods and Arabian Nights as progressive jackpots with jackpots reaching tens of millions of euros!