A lucky player won 111 .000 EUR in one spin of Divine Fortune

As we often say in our team, the best marketing is inspiration. And nothing inspires more than a real big winner in online casino games. The evening of February 17 created a really huge winner at Energy Casino. While playing at the popular Divine Fortune progressive jackpot slot game from NetEnt, one lucky player won an incredible € 111,963.41 on one spin with € 2!

Of course, it’s important to keep accurate winners’ stories and avoid misleading claims, after all, winning such a huge amount per spin is not uncommon, but the experience of this player at Energy Casino proves that this can really happen. And whether people win € 112,000.00 or € 112.00, the thrill of winning is always amazing, so make sure you share it.

As you can guess, here you can try the classic Greek mythological themed game Divine Fortune and of course the other great slot games from the NetEnt range .

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