Win prizes for $ 3,000 at the Pokerstars Casino Live Weekend

Pokerstars Casino makes weekends even better with the Live Weekend offer . How to get involved is easy and fast, so don’t worry about fitting your Pokerstars offer into your weekend schedule.

Just bet $ 1 on five rounds of the Weekend Live game to secure a seat in the $ 1,000 All-in Shootout – you can do so on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. If you are lucky in one weekend for only $ 15 you can win some of the prizes for $ 3000.

Here’s what you need to do to take part in a live weekend at Pokerstars Casino?

  1. Join the challenge window at / . Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, open the challenge window to join. If your weekend is busy, you can sign up through the PokerStars mobile app.
  2. Play the selected Weekend Live game You can see the selected Weekend Live games in the challenge window. Once signed up, bet at least $ 1 in the game at the live casino for the day . Do it in five rounds ( total bets are only $ 5 ) to complete the challenge of the day.
  3. Squeeze your thumbs to win the All-in Shootout. You will automatically be enrolled in the $ 1000 All-in Shootout next day.

There is a new challenge every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so click the button below to start this weekend.

Start a challenge at Pokerstars


The first challenge for July 5, 2019 is live roulette

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